Introducing “Taking 10…” and a Call for Interviews!

Taking 10... (1)Writers are curious people. We can’t help it–we just like to know stuff. So in an effort to help us know more stuff, especially about the wonderful folks on this crazy writing journey with us, I’m introducing “Taking 10…” — ten minutes for ten questions with newly agented and published writers!

Tune in to read more about querying journeys and publication adventures as we navigate the crazy world of publishing together! Make sure you’re following the blog so you don’t miss anything!

First up on will be the fabulous E.B. Wheeler, author of The Haunting of Springett Hall on July 10th, followed by the fabulous K.T Hanna, author of Chameleon: The Domino Project on July 17th, and Angela Cappillo who recently signed with Leon Husock of the L. Perkins agency on July 24th–and more to come!

Some of these awesome folks are even offering giveaways, including free query/writing critiques, so you truly don’t want to miss these interviews! 

Giveaways will only last for seven days, unless otherwise stated.

Call for interviews!

If you’re a recently agented writer (about a year ago or less) *OR* a writer with a new book (either upcoming or within the last year or so) drop me a line at kendrayoung AT accidentalwriter DOT net and let’s TAKE 10!


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