Exciting Stuff! Pitch Wars, Query Kombat, and MORE!

So my poor blog has been neglected for too long–again. But at least this time I have exciting news to share that explains my absence (well, kinda). Aside from revisions and all that jazz, I’ve also been busy blogging over at Kick-butt KidLit and agreeing to judge and mentor in different writing contests–specifically Query Kombat and Pitch Wars!

I’m so excited to get to pay-it-forward, y’all!

So Query Kombat officially opens next Friday, May 22nd! Once the entries go up on the host’s blogs, myself and other judges will descend in all our metaphorical glory to bestow our wisdom, insights, and, erm, votes. This will continue until only two entries remain.

Now, here’s what I think it kinda cool about Query Kombat. All you have to do is make it through the first round. If you can manage that, your entry will be available for agents to see and request. But you won’t know it, of course, not until you’ve been eliminated. Talk about a “consolation” prize! “You’ve been eliminated, but here’s three agent requests! Sorry about that!” It’s exciting stuff, folks. You can read more about Query Kombat, including how to enter, HERE.

The fun doesn’t end there, of course! Just as Query Kombat winds down, I’ll be mentoring in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars–the ultimate writing competition in Twitter-verse! I’m honored to be a part of this and seriously can’t wait to get started. Pitch Wars is unique in that each entrant will submit to their chosen mentors in the hopes of being chosen as a mentee. These folks will endure brutal, month-long revisions before being featured on Brenda’s blog to be viewed, and requested, by agents far and wide. I might have already started working on my wish list and more, y’all! But mum’s the word on all that for now, in the mean time though you can read all about Pitch Wars, HERE.

So there it is. I’ve been a little busy, especially with the school year winding down (only three student days left), but I’m super excited about what the future holds not only for my writing, but for everyone out there! Wonder what 2015 will bring?


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