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So I was tagged by the infamous E.G. Moore to participate in a blog hop. I hate to admit that while I’d heard of blog hops, I didn’t particularly know what was involved. So, of course, I “Googled” it. And here I am…

Emily tagged me because we were both finalists in Michelle Hauck’s In With the New agent contest, in which we all submitted our query letters and the first 250 words of our manuscript. Gosh that sounds dry, doesn’t it? But for writers, it was a week of nail biting, Twitter tweeting, screen refreshing, more nail biting, and for me & Emily – virtual tequila floats.

Don’t knock a tequila float until you’ve tried it, y’all.

Anyway, in my vast research on blog hopping (snort) I learned that some bloggers even give things away – so I’m going to deviate from Emily’s WIP questions just a bit to leave room for my free stuff. You heard that right, folks. Free stuff is coming, so hang with me and keep reading.

What’s the name of my character? 

The main character in my WIP is Oliver Babbage. Oliver sprang to life in my mind after the idea for the novel, which is backwards from the way I usually work. I love to develop rich characters with wildly wonky characteristics (I joke that my mother ditched me in the Roald Dahl section of the library when I was a kid). Usually the characters come to me along with whatever dilemma they’re facing. Both the character and their turmoil grow and develop even more as I flesh out the world. But not so with Oliver…

What’s the main conflict Oliver faces? 

This question ties in nicely with how he originally came to me. Severe thunderstorms were rampaging through our area. But it wasn’t a dark and stormy night, more like a dark and stormy Saturday. My youngest daughter and I piled up in mine and my husband’s bed and enjoyed an entire day of paranormal shows and unhealthy snacks. Chip Coffey, Amy Allen, Ghost Hunters, and more for hour upon hour. It occurred to me that if there were as many spirits as portrayed on these types of shows, well, it seems that every house in America would have at least five or six ghosts of their own.

And I paused.

Not my house.

Surely not in my house.

Grandma? Are you here?

And it was born. A house without ghosts in a town where every house has at least one or ten. And no one knows why. Who better to figure it out than a red-headed, twelve year old boy who’s afraid of the dark? Oliver soon discovers that the rest of the ghosts in town are in danger and he has to figure out the mystery behind why ghosts won’t come hear his house to save them. The two problems are directly linked…

Is there a working title?

Of course! And it’s a bit of a misleading hint as well. So I’ll just say this, the working title is Oliver’s Ghost Machine. Muwahahaha!

Where can I read more about Oliver’s adventures?

Right now the only place you can read more about my Oliver is on Michelle Hauck’s blog in the In With the New contest by clicking here. You can read Oliver’s entry, but please don’t comment. Commenting is only for agents who are interested in seeing a sample of Oliver’s story. Then, maybe, if they like it – they might want  to represent me and help me get the story into a bookstore near you.

Now that you know a little more about my WIP – it’s time for that FREE STUFF!


The entry window will close this Friday at 9:00 PM EDT. There are two simple steps to enter to win a critique of your first five pages (up to 1250 words).

1. Follow my blog.

2. Leave a comment below with the working title of the WIP you’d like to have critiqued.

That’s it! On Friday I’ll use random.org to, well, randomly select ten entries to critique. My blog is rather small, so it’s possible that there may be less than 10 entries. If that’s the case, everyone who enters will win!


20 thoughts on “WIP Blog Hop

  1. The piece I entered the In With The New contest with is entitled, THE BLACK NIGHT RAVE and it’s a Young Adult Urban Fantasy about four mages who don’t know their mages and combines sci-fi, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy, with undercurrents of romance. It’s got 4 distinct POV’s, all telling their story in first person of how their lives changed right before they went to the aforementioned titular rave. Lol! But it’s what I’d like to enter your giveaway with.

  2. I entered the contest and wasn’t even a maybe… 😦 But I got a partial request the day results were posted using my query, I entered the contest with, and six hours and fifteen minutes after I queried the agent, so that’s something. Lol! My novel is a Young Adult urban fantasy entitled, The Black Night Rave.

    1. Hi, Dakota! Requests are good! There very well may be nothing wrong…I’ve always been able to imagine how subjective this is, but listening to the pyros in the IWTN contest really made it sink in for me. 🙂

  3. I thought I knew, but honestly don’t think I did (and maybe I still don’t…haha!). But I do know precisely what you mean. It’s a bit of validation, in “public”, no less. In reality, the majority of my requests have come from good old fashioned querying. 🙂

  4. A Somewhat True Story of Sara Roberts (MG fantasy) I have 4 finished manuscripts (2 MG and 2 Historical Fictions) I signed a contract last January for one of the historicals, however the publisher closed their door weeks before my release date,

  5. Hi, Kendra–I think Oliver’s Ghost Machine sounds way cool! Was great to meet you in the IWTN contest (no yes, not even a maybe, but still optimistic). I’d love for you to take a gander at my adult low fantasy Traitor Knight. Thanks. (and yes, I’ve followed your blog too). See, I can take directions, no matter what Mrs. Hershenshiemer said…)

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