My Creatures!

Copyright Savannah Young, all rights reserved
Copyright Savannah Young, all rights reserved

Unless I know you personally, you probably don’t know that my youngest daughter attends a performing arts high school (ahem, the top performing arts magnet school in the country, but who’s comparing?) or that she’s one heck of a visual artist. I’ve been after her for a while to draw up some sketches of my characters and even a few of the creatures from my first manuscript.

Cue crickets.

But she came through this weekend – and I’m amazed. She even conjured up some details that I didn’t even think about. I mean she totally rocked this. I love, love, love how artists can just peek right inside your brain.

In the manuscript, I have these amazing damselflies that guard the entrance to the world my main character has to enter. Almost everyone who reads the manuscript asks about them – they’re just one of my favorite creations. I even borrowed from the their nickname, devil’s darning needles, and steampunked them up with their very own darning needles. Much like the old wives tale that told children these insects could sew their eyes shut if they ventured too far, well, my damselflies will do precisely that if you try to pass into their world unwelcome.

Anyway, check out the details on that body. And see those button eyes? Those are all her idea. When I explained the reason for the needle tail she said, “I thought since they sew people’s eyes shut for crossing without permission, they could have they’re eyes sewn with buttons.” Is that not cool or what?!?!?!

Yep, that’s my damselfly, and my kiddo. And I’m one proud mom. Sniff sniff!


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