Happy 4th of July!

Image courtesy of educationalmeasures.com
If you’re American, that is, otherwise, erm – TGIF!

Here’s hoping you and yours have a day full of hot dogs, potato salad, and soda. And don’t forget that horrible Cool Whip sheet cake decorated with strawberries and blueberries to look like the American Flag, y’all!

Seriously, how do you plan to spend the holiday? Our celebrations will be seriously low key this year. Our usual cookout and home fireworks display will probably include takeout and a movie instead. The teen spawn will be at a friend’s pool party, my brother-in-law is working, and I’m less than two weeks out of major surgery. There will be no potato salad or banana pudding flowing forth from my kitchen this year, folks.

And you know what – I’m seriously looking forward to my couch, a movie, and my husband. Okay. The dog can come, too.

But then, there’s other news. It’s seriously a HAPPY Independence Day at my house! I woke up to another full request from a publisher. That’s a total of seven requests from agents (six fulls, one partial, two have already rejected, the rest are still out) and two full requests from publishers. Someone please come scrape me off the ceiling! 

Happy 4th of July and Happy Writing!


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