I hereby pronounce thee FINISHED.

Yay! The first round of edits on my second manuscript are complete and my beta readers have been notified that it’s ready for their reading pleasure. Only now is the true meaning of this beginning to sink in – I’ve written two novels, y’all. TWO. I remember when I never thought I’d ever finish the first one. Six rewrites on that first one. (It was a hot mess, folks.) I also remember being afraid to finish it because I wondered if I’d ever have another idea for a second novel. Writing is such a rush for me, I was terrified of never having another idea. Of never giggling with delight over the flow of words, or the stinging tears as my characters faced, and overcame, unspeakable odds.


You should see the list of novel ideas sitting on my nightstand right at this very moment. And, get this, for the past two weeks I’ve been splitting my time between the first round of revisions on manuscript two and starting the world building process for manuscript three. Oh yes, I’ve already started my third novel.

And that’s pretty darn amazing.


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