Pinterest for Writers – INSPIRATION

I admit it. I’m a stinky Pinterest pinner. I have a whopping 7 pins on my board for “Books I Love.” Only 31 pins for “Outdoor Spaces” and 13 pins on my “Christmas” board. But then there’s my other board. This board, it’s special. It contains pictures that inspire stories in me. In fact, almost every single photograph on this board caused a story to spring from my imagination. It’s my “Inspiration” board – with 915 pins.

Evelyn Flint 2011 There are also lots of, erm, doors pinned to my “Inspiration” board. I don’t know why I’m drawn to doors, except that I can’t help but imagine what kind of person would live behind that door. I mean, look at this old doorway with its peeling paint – two layers of different colors even! But then the flowers are so well-tended. I can’t help but imagine a plump elderly woman with kind eyes and small spectacles. She cares about her home, as evidenced by the well-kept flowers, but she’s unable to do major chores like repainting that fantastic door. I see her baking cookies for neighborhood children, mending socks, and hanging clothes out to dry on the line. She wears knee-length polyester dresses with white collars and lace up orthopedic shoes with her hose – but her smile. It shows worn teeth, deep dimples, and apple cheeks.

Yes, I got all of that from a door.

It’s okay. I can be quirky like that. I’m a writer.

Image: Evelyn Flint 2001


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