Why Should You Read Steampunk?

Steampunk laptop available from datamancer.net

It’s funny how things happen sometimes. I was at work today discussing the history of the local area with a museum expert and mentioned Steampunk. I was shocked that he actually knew what I was talking about, as everyone else in the building has looked at me as if I were speaking Vulcan. He’s not such a huge fan of it as I am, but definitely had some interesting information for me. It was just one of those refreshing conversations. Anyway, in the midst of our talks I mentioned Datamancer’s laptops (see photo at left) and gave him the web address to check it out.

Fast forward through a horrendous afternoon and a peaceful ride home, and what do I find in my Google reader but an article about why you should read steampunk that also references Datamancer’s amazing laptops. I can’t help myself, I drool every time I see them. One of these days folks…one of these days.

I’ve never really stopped to think about why someone should read steampunk before. I love it and therefore I just do. But should someone read it? Why yes, I think they should. And if you’re wondering exactly why someone should read steampunk, I’m just going to borrow a line from my teen daughter and her friends, “Yeah, what he said!” and point you to Drying Ink’s article which can be found here.

Yes, I know that this is faulty logic but it really was a horrible afternoon and he says it so well…there’s just no reason to reinvent it. Ya’ know? Hope you enjoy. And I also agree completely, the dirigibles are reason enough alone.


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