Lack of Writing Leads to Depression

You have to admit these are pretty nifty, folks.

It’s official. I can’t go more than a few days without writing or I become mentally lethargic. I finally finished a draft of my current novel that I’m pleased with (enough to begin the editing process, anyway). This involves stepping away from the project for a few weeks so that I can return to it with fresh eyes and (hopefully) some objectivity. So I fancied myself busy with other things, but the story keeps calling to me from the depths of my laptop.

I tried to stay away, really I did. I actually did make it nearly an entire two weeks before I tiptoed off to my bedroom with my laptop under my arm. With great trepidation, I opened my story and began reading it from the beginning. You know those moments when you read something you’ve written a long time ago and you’re embarrassed to admit your fingers, let alone your brain, were involved with it? This was not one of those moments. I can honestly say I truly love this story.

So let the editing begin! I’m doing the first round of edits myself, then I’ll send it off to my beta reader for further feedback before I start the second round of edits. During that time I think I’ll play around with the second book in the series, maybe. There’s another project that’s been patiently waiting its turn in my brain so I might have to see what it has to say.

So here’s to the writing life. My New Year’s resolution? Never again trying to go more than 72 hours without working on my fiction. It’s just not good for my mental health.

By the way, I desperately want these shoes. Hint hint to my dear hubby!


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