I think I might be the worst blogger in history…

No, seriously. I don’t even know if one blog post a month even qualifies me as a blogger. I even Tweeted this same sentiment earlier tonight, which might be why I’m here now. “Don’t mind me guys! I’m just easing my conscience about my poor neglected blog.” Well that’s not very helpful, is it?

So let’s talk about a topic that is: Inclusiveness. I have to admit that the world of writing has to be one of the most “inclusive” clubs I’ve ever tried to get in to. I find it hilarious when people who don’t write (for fun, at least) find out that you do. Their facial expressions are almost always the same, “Oh, right,” they seem to think. I want to reply, “Yes, that’s right, I write. Geddit?” Yeah, it’s lame but it’s also nearly one in the morning so what can I say?

Then every so often another writer finds out that you also write and BOOM. The connection usually happens almost instantaneously. What genre? What’s your current WIP like? Are you a member of a critique group? Do you plan to self-pub or will you try trad first? Only once or twice have I been totally turned off by another writer. In both cases, the person thought they were above the common rules of engagement, if you will, and one even thought they were above the proper use of the English language. But for the most part writers and authors alike are very open, helpful, sincere, and a downright pleasant bunch of people.

The web is even covered with tons of FREE resources for new writers. Everything from the eight point story arc to the hero’s journey to the very basics of grammar to finding an agent or crafting the dreaded query letter. It’s all out there, free of charge, for anyone who might be the slightest bit interested. How cool is that? You don’t see neurosurgeons posting free instructions for brain surgery, do you? (In all fairness, I’ve never actually looked.)

But writers do share this type of information. More than one writer will tell you that you only have to do one thing, and one thing only, to become a writer. And that’s WRITE. I would actually add one more thing you need to do. You need to care about the craft of writing itself. It’s so much more than putting ink on paper or little pixel letters in a word processing program. It’s the sincerest desire for sentences that convey meaning, emotion, and energy. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you get to write a sentence that can inspire someone to do something fantastic. That’s powerful stuff folks.



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