“Success is enjoying your days.”

Talk about profound stuff for an overcast Thursday morning. I subscribe to numerous blogs, one of which is Writer Unboxed. Writer Unboxed has both regular and guest contributors ranging from writers to agents to editors and anyone else who might have something to offer within the industry. I subscribed because Donald Maass is one of the monthly contributors and I’ve read all his books on writing – so I’m always interested in what he has to say.

This morning’s post was from John Vorhaus, author of six different books that I’ve never read (but probably will now). The majority of his post had to do with using social media to create a network, Twitter in particular. I always read what writers have to say about using Twitter because I’m honestly jealous – I just don’t understand the appeal – but I really want to. So I read every post about it in the hopes that I’ll have that eureka moment and start tweeting away. More on that later…

The real gem in his post, for me anyway, came in the very last paragraph. “Per this latter, let me close with the most profound definition of success I’ve ever heard: “Success is enjoying your days.” And when I wake up in the morning and find that my Twitter feed has grown by leaplets and boundlets, I have every reason to believe that today, at least, I’m going to enjoy my day.”

That definition of success is indeed profound. Especially for me at this time in my life. I’m an accidental writer, remember? Even though I enjoy what I’m doing right now, I have these bouts of “what on earth are you doing with your life, Kendra? All this education, the degrees, the experience – and what are you doing with it?” Oh yes, my inner voice is a pain in the arse at least once a week.

Now I can give my inner voice an answer to its asinine questions. I’m enjoying my days. I’m being successful in my own way with the skills and talents God Himself has given me. It wasn’t my plan. This wasn’t on my agenda. But I do enjoy it immensely. While writing articles isn’t always the most fun in the world, writing those articles allows me to contribute just enough to our family income that I can work on my novel every day if I want to (and trust me, I want to). I simply cannot describe the joy that flows through me when I hear my characters and see their words on paper. It’s indescribable.

And the icing on the cake? I drive my daughter to school every morning and I’m home when she gets home from school every day. I’m at every soccer practice. Every school function. Every game.

I’m enjoying my days.


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