The Waiting Game

Consider this a free advertisement for my favorite antacid. The one I SHOULD have bought.

I know I’m supposed to be recreating the posts I deleted, but something else has consumed my mind today. The waiting.

I’m in an orientation for as the new weather guide. Being that is a New York Times company, I have the worst case of heartburn I’ve had since I was pregnant. A New York Times company, folks! I’m a nervous wreck.

And if I ever try to buy the off-brand antacids again, someone please tackle me. I might as well be eating a box of unflavored chalk.

Yesterday I sent off the emails that carried a week’s worth of work that reflected a tiny slice of my knowledge about meteorology (which most people are surprised to find is more than a little). That’s right folks – I’m no one trick pony. I can explain why the sky is blue and identify a cloud a 50 paces without even breaking a sweat. I can also analyze a Skew-T diagram and make regional weather predictions too. And you thought I was just another pretty face. Aww shucks, guys.

Anyway, if this is what waiting for an editor to rip your writing to shreds feels like, imagine what I’m going to be like if and when I ever send off my manuscript. I wonder if I can get someone to sedate me until it’s over?

Well, I’m going to stop whining now. Off to do some work for eHow (Demand Studios) and then maybe work on that manuscript rewrite. If I can stop checking my email, that is.


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